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Our workshops cover;

  • Improved communication with employees and customers to ensure that everyone understands each other and what is expected.
  • Presentations and public speaking with NlP techniques will improve state management, vocal control, language patterns and words to ensure the correct use of words to help the recipients fully understand of what is said. 

Benefits of Working With Free 2 flow Coaching will produce;

  • Working with teams/assistant managers
  • We teach you how to get the best out of 1-1 supervisions
  • Creating motivation, drive and vision 
  • Effective Team working
  • Communication - clients and staff
  • Prevent procrastination
  • Improve interpersonal skills and build on this
  • Importance of language to gain better results 
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Understand staff conflict and resolve them effectively
  • Explore core value
Rapport Coaching
Free 2 Flow will train individuals in building effective  rapport communications with clients in a way you might not have considered before, with assured results every time, this can be arranged on a 1-1 or group training basis.

Existing Business or New Start Up
Setting up a business can be a challenging time. Free 2 Flow will assist you in recognising negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hinder. We can help you develop your own understanding or awareness of your power and, strengths that you already have, just waiting to be discovered.

We are here to help you succeed showing you how you break down those personal barriers such as any limiting beliefs, self-doubts, inner conflicts and lack of confidence or loss of direction.

Free 2 Flow will assist you to believe in yourself and own the power within you. Building on skills you already have, to empower and influence your desired outcome to succeed.

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