Free 2 Flow Was Born Out of Passion

 A Passion With a Focus of Making the Difference on Every Level of the Human Existence

The Vision

The vision of Free 2 Flow takes a holistic approach to humanity's suffering and struggles today, no matter what your situation. Treating the whole person on a mental and emotional level which will have an effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of an individual's life. The focus of Free 2 Flow aim to bring about hope, empowerment, harmony and balance, equipping you with the tools you need to have the life you want and deserve.

Free 2 Flow give you the opportunity to become aware of how your thinking can affect your whole being and how suppressing negative emotions held in memories or stored in the body can hold you back in life creating all kinds of issues, struggles and concerns.

Our Ethos

Free 2 Flow offer you a life change with a different approach that allows you to think outside the box, giving you insight into your unconscious mind and how that works. So you can have a more fulfilled life discovering new aspects of your own self, you might not have considered before.

Free 2 Flow work with the unconscious mind in unhooking, banishing or eliminating negative emotions in the gestalts (memories) dealing with the root cause on an unconscious level. Main areas of working with negative emotions are anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt. We work with you in identifying limiting decisions and beliefs, that could affect your personal life, relationships, career choices or difficulties, balancing work and life and so much more. 

Free 2 Flow is an integrated service and can adapt itself to meet the need on every level you need help with. Free 2 Flow uses techniques that are proven to be effective and have longer lasting outcomes.

Our approach is not just simple and light-hearted, but also thorough and powerful and can be done in less than half the time of other counselling or psychotherapy services with lasting results. 

Something For Everyone

The beauty of what Free 2 Flow offer will be dependant on your need. Therefore you can access some of the services, one of the services or all of the services individually or as a package.

Whichever you choose Free 2 Flow can coach you, making that all-important change. The type of changes that bring benefits to your everyday life; the type of change that empowers you in all aspects of your life for all people from all walks of life, whatever your age or circumstance.

 What is Needed from You

We have a saying that not everyone is a 'client'. By this we mean that what is needed from you is to be a 100% committed to bringing about a positive outcome for yourself and you have to be willing to follow instruction and complete tasks set for you by the therapist. In the Free consultation, it will be decided if you are a suitable client for our services as we do not set anyone up to fail.